Basic Nurse Assistant • Certificate of Completion

Occupational Program

Colleague Code: CC.CNA

Curriculum Code: NAS 207

Program Information:

  • This program consists of one course and is designed to prepare those seeking employment as assistants to nurses in nursing homes, hospitals and home health settings.
  • The program includes classroom, laboratory and clinical experience.
  • Students successfully completing the program will have met state requirements and are eligible to take the required IDPH Nurse Aide Competency Exam.
  • Basic nurse assistant students are required to have a physical exam, on CNA physical form, and proof of negative tuberculosis status (negative 2-step TB skin tests, Quantiferon blood test or chest x-ray) before they are allowed into the clinical area.
  • Students MUST be present on the first day of class. Students cannot be absent the first day of clinical.
  • A fingerprint background check will be performed at the student's expense. A fingerprint-based criminal background check is required by law for all nurse aide students and must be completed prior to registration. Students will need to complete the Authorization and Disclosure form and turn it in to the CNA Office, Montgomery Hall 1102; Registration, Menard Hall; Advising Office, Menard Hall; local Education Service Area; or email to cna.program@llcc.edu. Once the disclosure form is processed, students will be given a livescan form to take to an approved vendor for fingerprinting. The student will be issued a receipt by the vendor that will need to be turned in to the CNA Office. Fingerprints must be completed in order to register for the CNA course. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • This certificate of study must be taken in its entirety to meet requirements.

For Program Information Contact:

Health Professions Department at 217-786-2447 or see a Health Professions Student Success Coach.

Course Requirements:

Required Program Courses

NAS 101Basic Nurse Assistant


Total Credit Hours:6.5

Students must receive a grade of C or higher to earn the certificate.

Reading Requirements:

  • Reading placement score of 240 or higher
  • ACT reading score of 18 or higher
  • SAT Writing/Reading score of 477 or higher
  • High School GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • GED Reasoning Through Language Arts score of 175 or higher