Customized Applied Technology • Associate in Applied Science

Occupational Program

Colleague Code: AAS.CAPTC

Curriculum Code: CAT 254

Program Information:

For Program Information Contact:

Workforce Institute at 217-786-2750 or Workforce@llcc.edu or see a Student Success Coach.

Course Requirements:

Required General Education Courses

Please see your success coach for course planning.

EGL 103Technical and Professional Communication I


EGL 106Technical and Professional Communication II



CMN 104Interpersonal Communication



TEM 103Vocational-Technical Math


or a higher math elective



TES 121Technical Shop Physics


Humanities, Fine Arts or Social Science Elective


Total Credit Hours:15-17

Note: For students wishing to transfer to a four-year university, they should pursue a pathway that substitutes EGL 101 and 102 for EGL 103 and 106 or CMN 104. Contact your transfer institution and student success coach for guidance on transferable general education coursework.

Required Program Courses

CAD 151Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Drafting


CSC 105Computer Applications and Concepts


CWE 101Cooperative Education Work Experience

.5 - 3

ESI 101Employability Skills


TES 103Blueprint Reading


TES 104Principles of Technology


Total Credit Hours:17

You must take 3 credits in CWE 101 to meet degree requirements.

Required Program Support Courses

Select from one of the options listed below.

Total Credit Hours:30

Option 1

Select courses from existing certificates and/or electives to define a focus area. You must take at least 30 credit hours.

Option 2

Two or more focus areas of 6-12 credits each (courses selected to meet student goals and employer needs) plus related courses and electives to make 30 credits. Credit in this area could include licensure, apprenticeship or a recognized training program.