OTA 103 Psychosocial Interventions

Students explore the occupational therapy process in relation to psychosocial concerns. Foundational skills for the evaluation and treatment of individuals in occupational therapy practice settings are developed through exploration of psychosocial dysfunction and problem based learning exercises. Students are introduced to assessment and treatment techniques utilized by occupational therapy assistants. R, W2, M2, 12 (1 lecture hour and 4 laboratory hours) Note: In addition to tuition, this course requires an additional variable tuition rate.




BIO 175 and OTA 101 with a minimum grade of 'C' and OTA 102 with a minimum grade of 'C' and OTA 111 with a minimum grade of 'C'


BIO 176 and OTA 104 and OTA 106 and OTA 107 and OTA 112