EMS 101 Emergency Medical Technician

This is an entry level course in the field of Emergency Medical Services. The course emphasizes the development of skills in recognition of symptoms of illness and injuries and proper procedures of emergency care. The roles, responsibilities and skills required by state and national standards are defined. Students are also in a clinical setting for 48 clock hours outside of class sessions. 12 (4 lecture hours and 5 laboratory hours) Note: There is a component of the course contained in the LLCC Canvas system that each student is responsible for completing prior to the first class meeting session. Students must attend the first class session to be seated. No late registrations are allowed due to IDPH attendance regulations. Students are subject to a urinalysis drug screening and a criminal background check prior to conducting clinical rotations once the course starts.




High school diplomaor GED and be 18 years of age prior to first day of class