Faculty Emeriti

The honorary title of “emeritus” has been conferred upon the following retired faculty members of Lincoln Land Community College. These faculty members, all having served a minimum of 20 full-time years at LLCC, were selected based on their high levels of competency in the following areas: effective classroom teaching; leadership and service to the college; and leadership and service to the community and profession.

Faculty Member Discipline Dates of service at LLCC
James Addington Automotive Technology 1981-2006
Donald C. Anderson History 1969-1993
Marcia Bagg Nursing 1985-2006
Donald M. Bertram Business 1975-1995
Edwin R. Booher English/Literature 1969-1996
Ed Castelloe Accounting 1980-1999
Anthony P. J. Cerniglia Theatre/Speech 1970-1992
Michael D. Cortelyou Chemistry 1970-1996
Alicia Craigmiles Reading 1971-2007
Richard E. Dhabalt Physical Education 1968-1993
Leslie Dickson Nursing 1990-2012
Ben Dolbeare Biology 1972-2001
Tom Donaldson Automotive Technology 1973-1995
Don Ecklund Sociology 1970-2003
Dave Fleming English 1971-2003
Mary Fortner English 1982-2014
Anne Fyans Counselor 1969-1991
Mary Ann Gatten English 1971-2006
John Giavaras History/Political Science 1971-1992
Eugene Haas Music 1972-2001
James Hajek Mathematics 1969-2001
Maria Teresa Holcolmb Spanish 1985-2011
James W. Jackson Learning Resource Center 1971-1999
Lois Jirgal Nursing 1979-1999
Claude Kracik Physical Education 1969-2002
Jean LaRue Nursing 1979-2003
Joan Lewis Nursing 1976-2006
Arthur Lindsay Sociology 1968-2002
George R. Long, Jr. Chemistry 1970-1996
Richard Lyons Agriculture 1975-2002
Jack Madura Art 1970-2002
Warren Martin Biology 1975-2002
Art Meyer Economics 1985-2012
Mildred (Mike) Meyer Counselor 1973-1993
Mary Ellen Monroe-White Early Childhood Education 1975-2012
Robert Muller Health 1971-2001
James S. Murray Art 1968-2000
John D. Parker Biology 1970-1993
Peggy Pavlisin English 1970-2002
Lynn Pfannkuche English 1970-2000
Lyndell Robinson Biology 1993-2013
Carol Schmidt Mathematics 1990-2010
Elijah Singley Librarian 1971-2000
Thurman Smith History 1969-2001
Tom Snyder Mathematics and Physics 1987-2012
John Squibb Political Science 1970-2007
Kevin Staley Department Chair, Counselor 1970-2003
Joel Tjelmeland Automotive Technology 1971-1998
Mary Wheeler English 1978-2013
Richard R. Williams English 1970-1997
Thomas S. Woolsey Geology/Physical Science 1970-1994
B. Howard Wooters Music 1968-1997