Lincoln Land Community College Trustees

Wayne Rosenthal, Chair
209 South Monroe Street
Morrisonville, IL 62546
Trustee District 4
Ken Elmore, Vice Chair
3311 East Waggoner Avenue
Waggoner, IL 62572
Trustee District 7
Gordon Gates, Secretary
2508 Country Club Drive
Springfield, IL 62704
Trustee District 3
Vicki Davis
417 Bice Lane
Riverton, IL 62702
Trustee District 2
Craig Findley
906 West State Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Trustee District 6
Jeff Fulgenzi 
413 Aintree Chase
Sherman, IL 62684
Trustee District 5
Samantha Raymond
450 W. Cook Street
Springfield, IL 62704
Trustee District 1
Aaliyah Kissick
Student Trustee

As of May 2019

Eight persons serve on Lincoln Land Community College’s Board of Trustees, seven elected by subdistrict within the college district and the eighth elected from among students of the college. The board members represent residents of the college district to assure that the college is providing programs and services that meet the educational needs of the communities within the district. The board operates in accordance with the guidelines established under the Illinois Public Community College Act and functions as the college’s policy-making body. Board of Trustees meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except for the months of November and December. Locations, meeting times and agendas are available at Meetings are open to the public.