Bachelor Degree Completion Through “Capstone” and Transfer Options

Associate of Applied Science degree programs provide immediate employment skills for those completing a degree. In addition to immediate employment, applied science degree program graduates can pursue a bachelor’s degree related to their specialty. Not only can students complete an advanced degree, but they can also earn money by working in their specialty while they pursue the advanced degree. Many bachelor’s degree granting colleges and universities offer “capstone” programs for the associate of applied science graduate that allows the student to complete the bachelor’s degree with an additional 60 semester hours of junior- and senior-level college course work. As in all cases when a student expects to transfer and complete an additional degree at another college, the process must be planned to assure the smoothest transition possible. Those students wishing to find out more about “capstone” programs and transfer requirements for a bachelor’s degree after receiving the associate of applied science should contact the LLCC career advising staff and the dean of the department at LLCC granting the AAS degree.