EGL 120 Introduction to Children's Literature

Introduction to Children's Literature examines the rich and culturally complex texts that are written by adults for an implied child reader. Students are introduced to many genres and forms of children's literature from pre-reader to 8th grade materials: oral and literary fairy and folktales, mythologies, poetry, picture books, graphic novels, series books, nursery rhymes, early readers, etc. A variety of genres (fantasy, science fiction, historical realism, contemporary realism, etc.) are covered. Students learn to determine literary meaning, form, and value, including applying relevant literary theory. In addition to deep analysis of literature, students enrolled in the course obtain an overview of how children's literature developed, how its definition changes from era to era and culture to culture, and how children have been socialized through literature, based upon those changing definitions. R, W2, 11 (3 lecture hours) IAI: H3 918