The College shall, upon request, provide students with official transcripts of all credit coursework attempted with attendant grades provided that students have discharged all financial obligations to the college (Board Policy 5.20).

An academic transcript will be kept of every college credit course taken and degree earned at Lincoln Land Community College for each student. The transcript will list all courses attempted, grade earned and cumulative grade point average. Students earning a degree at LLCC who have earned credit at another college may choose to have or not have those courses added to their LLCC transcript and grade point average. For an individual assessment of this option the student should bring their transcripts to their Academic Advisor or the Records Office for evaluation. Academic indicators other than grades (including "W" withdrawn, "PR" proficiency, "RP" repeat, "I" incomplete, and others) will be identified and explained through narrative on the reverse side of the transcript.

An official copy of a student's transcript will be made available upon request provided that the student has discharged all financial obligations to the college. A transcript will be made available only upon request by the student or by a governmental agency with appropriate legal authority. A request for these records must be in writing and include the student's signature. A signed, faxed request for a transcript will be honored. An email request will not be honored. Due to the nature of copy proof transcript paper, requests to fax transcripts cannot be honored. Proof of identity may be requested before a transcript is issued.