Distance Learning

Online Courses

Online courses at LLCC provide a practical and flexible solution for learners who are unable to access traditional education opportunities. LLCC online courses are content-oriented classes taught through the Internet and are comparable to traditional course. It is important that students enrolling in online courses recognize that these courses require an equivalent amount of time studying, reading and assignment completion as traditional on-campus classes. Online students need to be prepared to read assignments, ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, take tests and communicate with their instructor and classmates online. Additional information regarding online courses at LLCC can be found at: www.llcc.edu/online.

Hybrid Courses - Online

Hybrid courses, like online courses, are a benefit to students who are unable to access traditional education. Hybrid courses combine the benefits of online courses and traditional face-to-face courses. While the majority of hybrid course work will be completed online, there will be scheduled (required) face-to-face class times on campus. It is important that students enrolling in hybrid courses are aware of the required on-campus meeting times and are able to attend each session.