Students enrolled at LLCC are eligible to have credits from other colleges/universities, as well as military credits, evaluated for acceptance by LLCC and posted on the LLCC transcript. It is the students’ responsibility to request evaluation of these credits. The LLCC Records Office evaluates credit according to the following conditions:

  • The student must be admitted to LLCC.
  • The student must request from each college/university attended (and the military) an official transcript and those transcripts must be received by the Records Office.
  • Upper-division courses that are the equivalent of freshman- and sophomore-level courses can be evaluated to satisfy the requirements of an associate degree. Contact the Records Office for more information.
  • Official transcripts from all schools previously attended may be submitted for evaluation at LLCC by any student who intends to earn any LLCC degree.
  • Only coursework from regionally accredited colleges/universities is evaluated.
  • Developmental coursework is not evaluated for credit.
  • Courses that are “waived” at other colleges/universities are not evaluated for credit.
  • Religious courses of a sectarian nature are not evaluated for credit.
  • Using as a reference The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education, some credit earned in service schools may be accepted as transfer credit at LLCC, if the credit is applicable to the student’s curriculum.
  • Credit by examination, in the form of CLEP (College Level Examination Program), AP (Advanced Placement) or Proficiency, are evaluated for acceptance if properly submitted by the student.
  • Transfer coursework posted Summer 2014 or later will be evaluated according to these procedures:
    • Only coursework with a minimum grade of C will be accepted for credit.
    • Grades from eligible coursework will not appear on the LLCC transcript. A grade of "TR" will appear instead.
  • All transfer credits and grades posted prior to summer 2014 will remain on the LLCC transcript.

Lincoln Land Community College adheres to the recommendations established by the Council of Postsecondary Accreditation (COPA) and supported by the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Earned college-level credit hours are accepted from colleges and universities accredited by the six regional accrediting associations:

  • Higher Learning Commission;
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools;
  • New England Association of Colleges and Schools;
  • Northwest Association of Colleges and Schools;
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and
  • Western Association of Colleges and Schools.