Academic Standards of Progress

The college shall use the following academic standards of progress:

Satisfactory Progress

Students who are not on academic probation or academic suspension will be considered students in good standing if their cumulative grade point average meets or exceeds the following:

Cumulative Credit Hours Attempted Cumulative Grade Point Average
6-11 1.5
12-22 1.7
23-33 1.85
34 or more 2.0

Note that financial aid and veterans benefits have their own standards of progress.

Academic Probation

The college may place students on academic probation after they have attempted six or more semester credit hours at the college or at other institutions of higher education. Such students shall be on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average does not meet or exceed the standards of satisfactory progress.

Students who are on probation must see a Student Success Coach for approval of their proposed course schedule prior to registration. Students on probation may not register for more than 12 semester credit hours in a regular semester (or six during summer term).

Academic Suspension

If a student on probation attains a semester grade point average of at least 2.0 but does not yet raise the cumulative grade point average to the level listed above, probation shall be continued for another semester. If a student who is on academic probation fails to achieve at least a 2.0 semester grade point average during a semester, and also fails to bring his or her cumulative grade point average to a level that meets or exceeds the applicable standard for academic probation as set forth above, then such student shall be suspended for one semester (or one summer term plus one semester, in the case of a suspension at the end of spring semester). An appeal process shall be available to students on academic suspension so as to allow re-enrollment pending approval of and student compliance with reinstatement requirements. See appropriate college personnel.

Students on academic suspension shall not receive any financial aid.

This process can be started by contacting the Center for Academic Success at 217-786-2396. Upon review by the College of such appeal and any mitigating circumstances, the student may be allowed to enroll with a restricted status.

Re-Admission after Academic Suspension

A student on academic suspension for the first time may re-enroll after one semester of suspension. A student on academic suspension for a second or subsequent time may re-enroll only after receiving permission from the appropriate student administration office (Board Policy 5.43).