Student Services

Christopher Barry, 05/12

Director, Student Success and Retention

B.A., University of Nevada

M.A., University of Nevada

Deanna Blackwell, 11/15

Director, Student Support Services

B.A., Eastern Illinois University

M.A., University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Ph.D., University of Utah

Shanda Byer, 06/98

Director, Financial Aid

B.S., Illinois College

M.S., University of South Dakota

Julie Clevenger, 10/98

Executive Director, Center for Academic Success

B.A., Blackburn College

M.A., University of Illinois Springfield

Lisa Collier, 08/13

Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services

B.S., Greenville College

M.S., Capella University

Lesley Frederick, 12/10

Vice President, Student Services

B.S., Missouri Western State University

M.S., University of Central Missouri

Ed.D., Ferris State University

Leslie Johnson, 07/11

Assistant Vice President, Student Success

B.S., Culver Stockton College

M.Ed., Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Debra Krueger, 10/92

Director, LLCC Taylorville

A.G.E., Lincoln Land Community College

B.A., University of Illinois Springfield

Keri Mason, 06/08

Director, LLCC Jacksonville, Beardstown

B.A., Truman State University

M.A. University of Illinois Springfield

Lorie McDonald, 08/14

Director, LLCC-Litchfield, Hillsboro

B.A., University of Illinois Springfield

M.P.A., University of Illinois Springfield

Ron Riggle, Jr., 10/90

Director, Athletics

A.A.S., Lincoln Land Community College

B.A., Coastal Carolina College