Advanced Emergency Medical Technician • Certificate of Completion

Occupational Program

Total Credit Hours: 16

Colleague Code: CC.EMTA

Curriculum Code: EMS 210

Program Information:

  • The EMS Program is offered under a cooperative agreement among the St. John’s Hospital/Memorial Medical Center EMS Systems and LLCC. Course offerings, schedules, curriculum, instructors and program policies are subject to approval by these agencies within the statutory requirements of the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • Students need to be present on the first day of class to be seated.
  • Students will be involved in numerous hours of field internship and clinical rotations during the program and all field assignments must be completed prior to the completion of the program.
  • EMS students must maintain a grade of 80% or higher to achieve a passing grade, earn the certificate and be eligible to challenge the state licensing exam.
  • State of Illinois licensure as an Advanced EMT requires graduates to pass the examination administered by the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Students must pass a urinalysis drug screening and criminal background check prior to the start of the clinical field internship rotations once the course starts.
  • There is a component of the course contained in the LLCC Blackboard system that each student is responsible for completing prior to the first class session.
  • No late registrations are allowed due to IDPH attendance regulations.

For Program Information Contact:

Health Professions Department at 217-786-2834 or 217-786-2449 or see an academic advisor.

Course Requirements:


Current and valid EMT license (documentation required)

Required Program Courses (16 credits)

Please see your advisor for course planning.

EMS 110Advanced EMT - Medical/Trauma


EMS 111Advanced EMT - Special Populations