Suggested Transfer Degree Programs

Lincoln Land Community College offers excellent opportunities to students who wish to complete the requirements for the first two years of a baccalaureate degree program. These units of study at LLCC, which satisfy the general education requirements of LLCC and permit the student to transfer as a junior to most senior institutions, are called transfer programs.

The units of study that follow allow for some specialization in the freshman and sophomore years for students who plan to major in particular fields in senior colleges and universities. There are, in addition, units of study designed to prepare students with the lower-division requirements for such professions as law, medical science, engineering and pharmacy.

Since graduation requirements vary among senior colleges and universities, the following units of study are suggested guidelines only. A student can ensure that courses taken at LLCC will apply to requirements of the senior institution to which the student wishes to transfer by contacting that institution or by seeing a LLCC advisor.