Programs Of Study

The Board of Trustees of Lincoln Land Community College is committed to the concept of a comprehensive community college that offers a full range of vocational-technical, transfer and general studies certificate programs. Any area that goes through program review as defined by ICCB is considered a program and is required to have program outcomes. It is the intent of the board that the programs offered by the College meet the educational needs of the community.

To meet these needs, the college maintains advisory committees for each vocational-technical education program. The committees, which are composed of professionals in a related field, lay persons and college representatives, advise the college about the need for developing specific courses and programs. The board also invites persons from throughout the college district to make their educational needs and desires known.

The college, when feasible, can answer those requests. It does, however, reserve the right to determine on the basis of economic feasibility and student interest whether a course or program should be offered.