Repeating a Course

A student may elect to repeat a course. When the student repeats a course which is not identified as Repeatable for Credit, the higher grade will be automatically recorded on the student's permanent scholastic record. The system identifies the original class repeated with an "R" and will maintain the grade history. Courses identified as Repeatable for Credit will have the grade replaced automatically only if the original grade is failing (Board Policy 5.7). When a course is repeated and the same grade is earned, the grade shall stay with the last term it was completed. CLEP or AP scores or similar coursework taken at another institution are not applicable to this repeat option.

For courses taken prior to November 28, 1973, all hours attempted, hours earned and honor points connected with every attempt are computed in determining the cumulative grade point average.

Veterans — Consult the LLCC VA Office before repeating a course if you wish to be paid for it.

Financial Aid Recipients — Refer to the LLCC Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy.