International Education

The International Education Program includes college membership in the Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education, the World Affairs Council of Central Illinois and the Sister Cities Association. Anyone interested in finding out more information about any of these international study opportunities should contact the Office of the Vice President of Academic Services.

Central Illinois Foreign Language/International Studies Consortium

Five colleges and universities in central Illinois — Illinois College and MacMurray College in Jacksonville, and the University of Illinois at Springfield, Benedictine University at Springfield and Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield — have formed a consortium to expand opportunities for study in foreign language and international studies. The following agreement has been established offering students courses in foreign language/international studies, which are unavailable at the home institution. The conditions for enrollment listed below have been established:

  • Registration is accepted on a space-available basis.
  • Student registers and pays tuition at their home college.
  • The course credit is counted as credit at the home college.
  • Students are required to conform to the requirements of the accepting college.
  • Arrangements for each exchange are made through the offices of the representatives at the institutions involved. The registration shall be complete only when both representatives agree to the registration. Some institutions may also require that the instructor be in agreement about accepting these students.
  • The college accepting these students may limit the number of students it is willing to receive from the home college. It also may limit the number of exchange students in any particular class.
  • Upon completion of the course, the instructor of the college accepting these students report grades to his or her dean or department chair for transmission to the home college.
  • Transportation costs are the responsibility of the students involved.
  • There is no transmission of tuition funds between home college and colleges accepting these students.
  • Interested students should contact a foreign language instructor for guidance.

International Visitors Program

Through this program, international leaders, educators, students and specialists visit Lincoln Land Community College to learn about the community college concept and discuss educational issues with their American counterparts. LLCC has hosted visitors from more than 70 countries. The emphasis of the International Visitors Program is to increase mutual understanding through communication at the personal and professional levels.

Sister Cities Association

Lincoln Land Community College has an institutional membership with the Sister Cities Association of Springfield and has hosted delegations from its sister cities Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan, and San Pedro de Las Colonias, Coahuila, Mexico. The association fosters educational and cultural exchanges. In October 2000, LLCC signed a sister college agreement with Ashikaga Junior College. The delegations that have visited LLCC have come to the campus to learn about the educational systems and programs, visit classrooms, meet with instructors and administrators and understand our emphasis on the community.

World Affairs Council of Central Illinois

Lincoln Land Community College has an institutional membership with the World Affairs Council of Central Illinois. The Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt, educational corporation that provides a local forum for discussing U.S. policy, global economics and international politics. LLCC faculty members have been speakers at the Council’s dinner meetings and have been discussion leaders for the Great Decisions Program sponsored by the council while LLCC students have participated in the Great Decisions Essay Contest.

Study Abroad Programs for Transfer Credit

Periodically, LLCC faculty offer students the opportunity to visit and study in foreign countries. In the past, some of those foreign venues have been Vietnam, China, the British Isles and Europe. The cost, length of stay and required coursework vary with the program being offered. Posters and fliers announcing the availability of upcoming study abroad opportunities are distributed throughout the college at the appropriate times.