Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend class regularly, and shall notify their instructor(s) when they are unable to attend class. The instructor may establish class attendance as an achievement standard (Board Policy 4.12).

Because LLCC views student participation as crucial to academic success, a student who has neither participated in a class nor communicated in some other way with the course instructor within the first two weeks of class will be administratively withdrawn from such course for non-attendance. This attendance verification period can be prorated for courses meeting over shorter terms. In such cases of administrative withdrawal, students are not entitled to a refund of tuition or fees. Those facing extenuating circumstances may go through the tuition refund appeals process.

It is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments and content missed when a class is not attended. When students are unable to attend class for an extended period of time, they shall notify the appropriate instructor(s) and Advising and Counseling. In cases where it creates an undue hardship on a student to contact all instructors, the director of Advising and Counseling or designee shall contact his/her instructors.

Administrative Withdrawal for Non-Attendance

Lincoln Land Community College reserves the right to administratively withdraw students for non-attendance. Students who are administratively withdrawn for non-attendance are not entitled to a refund of tuition or fees. In cases of documented extenuating circumstances, students may appeal for a refund consideration through the Office of Admission and Registration.