Academic Renewal

Students who have significantly improved their academic performance may request that all coursework taken within select consecutive semesters at least three years prior to the date of request be excluded from the student’s cumulative grade point average or total credit earned. Academic renewal will be granted only once. The forgiven coursework does not count toward a degree or certificate (Board Policy 5.5).

Eligibility for Academic Renewal

To be eligible, students must earn at LLCC at least 15 semester hours with a grade point average of at least 2.5 following the semesters the coursework that is to be forgiven was attempted.

Students who want academic renewal should contact the director of admissions at 217-786-2243. The student may expect to be interviewed prior to approval of the renewal request.

Results and Terms of Academic Renewal

  • All coursework taken during the period for which academic renewal is granted will not be counted in determining the student’s cumulative grade point average or total credit earned. This includes coursework at other colleges as well as at LLCC.
  • Forgiven coursework is not removed from the student’s official transcript. Each included LLCC course and grade will be marked with an asterisk, and will be excluded from all LLCC calculations of credit hours attempted or earned and from grade point average calculations. Included courses from other colleges will not be marked, but will also be excluded from all calculations.
  • Forgiven coursework is not used toward degrees or certificates.
  • Students may request that courses taken at other colleges not be included in the LLCC grade point average or credit hours accumulated, even if the student does not wish to have any LLCC coursework forgiven. Students must, however, meet all other eligibility requirements (hours earned at LLCC, grade point average, three-year waiting period).
  • Academic renewal is irrevocable once granted.
  • The renewal policy is specific to LLCC. Any other college, university, employer or other entity that might use a student’s credits or grades for any purpose is not bound by the academic renewal being granted.
  • Per federal regulations the LLCC Financial Aid Office does not recognize academic renewal, and all previously attempted credit hours are used to determine aid eligibility.
  • If any college, university, employer or other entity has acted on a student’s behalf using credit or grade information prior to academic renewal, a student must inform each such user of the change after renewal is granted.